What is the Reason for this Season?

…The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.
Galatians 5:6

As we come to the end of 2020 – typically the most celebrated time of the year – we have trepidation for what the end of this year might bring…

The new uptick in COVID cases and setback to some of our reopening efforts continue to gnaw away at our hearts and our happiness. Traditions may have to wait, the preoccupation with our own desires need to change; our inordinate fear needs to be addressed; and whatever expectations we might normally have during this special happy time needs to be surrendered.

But wait! The good news (yes, I said Good News) is that the Lord is helping us to see how to be more intentional about really matters (Phil. 2:4). The time is now for us to change and not dwell on the past but to ask God how we can more intentionally and sacrificially help others.  GRC, our church has become more than just a worship service: here is where:

  • We are called to fight the good fight of faith together. Our God is on the move changing hearts and is equipping and shepherding us to make certain everything at GRC is done out of love and in faith. 
  • We find the reason for the season. God is calling us to focus on service and mission and show us how to truly celebrate with a heartfelt passion of love even in the midst of uncertainty.
  • We can have a true joy, a warming of our hearts, a peaceful sense of Shalom, and a gentle shepherding as we are called as the Body of Christ to look out for others as never before!

Praise God for how GRC is stepping up to the challenge. It is amazing how even in the midst of this isolation, we are helping out others now more than ever before!: 

Thanksgiving Box of LoveOur efforts this year to support this initiative through Star of Hope will end right before Thanksgiving. This has been a difficult and challenging time for our ministry partners. We need to give sacrificially so that SOHM can surpass its goal of 2,000 boxes and 1,800 turkeys (click to give now).

Faithful Plateful: We have several congregation members who live alone, widowed, or as small family unit. Do you know of anyone who needs a holiday meal? Do you want to make an extra plate for others? Get in touch with the Church Office to see how you can provide a holiday meal to these individuals.

Father’s Cupboard: Throughout the holiday season, we need food and resources to care for the food-insecure recipients of Father’s Cupboard and through our Mercy Fund. Praise God that through your donations and assistance from a local Boy Scout troop and Star of Hope, we are able offer a special Thanksgiving meal distribution this Saturday (11/21).

Sponsor A Family (SAF)This annual Diaconate event will look differently this year but its heart-motivation remains unchanged: to share the love of Christ through a meal. SAF will coordinate with Father’s Cupboard a Christmas Drive to provide a box filled with the fixings for a Christmas dinner. We need the entire church family to support this effort! More details to come this Tuesday.

Please consider how you can serve the needs of others this Christmas season. In the meantime, please pray:

Lord, we humbly come before the throne of Grace asking what do you want from us this season? Help us to see what you want us to sacrifice, and then help us surrender. Let the eyes of our heart see how the culmination of this year proclaims your victory as we worship you as never before. That we might give glory to you for these opportunities (in the midst of new challenges) seeing how the fruit of the Spirit provides Peace, Hope, Thankfulness, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Service, Joy (in all things), each intricately woven together with a Love only found through Christ and it’s in His Name we pray. Amen.

Werner Tretner is a Deacon and is also our Director of Celebrate Recovery.