Fall is fast-approaching. The school year has started, and youth begin a new season, many making significant transitions. For some, it is a new school, others a new sport and some will experience finding a new group of friends. These transitions will occur while students wrestle to find their identity, belonging, and purpose. Many Christian youths will seek an identity that may not be in Christ, others will look outside communion with God and other believers to place their sense of belonging, and like many of us, Christian youth are driven to find their purpose and meaning in this world Read more
On August 3rd, I encountered a new "first" in ministry. In partnership with Mission to the World and alongside two other church members, I traveled to Poland as a courier to provide humanitarian aid to those displaced by the war in Ukraine. One of the trip's highlights was worshiping with Christ the Savior Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Krakow, Poland. It was a beautiful reminder that I am part of God's family – a family that cuts across nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and is bound together by the blood of the Lamb (Ephesians 2:13-14). I particularly enjoyed the sermon by Pastor Mikael Read more
Hello GRC – A common question this time of year is “How’s your summer been?”  The past tense fits the date on the calendar, the dim sky by 8pm, and the realization that school is right around the corner.  Given our stage of family-life, Cedar’s and my answer along the lines of “It’s been a great summer” is really all about simple time together as a family of five.  We realize that very soon – possibly next summer – one if not both of our older kids won’t be schlepping their dirty laundry back home and eating all of the Read more
We press on toward to mark, the high calling… Not looking back… After an incredible year, we cannot, must not rest for we are called to press on ahead, but only in the grounded understanding that Scripture must be the anchor of Women’s Ministry.  Placing the love of God as our primary function and the love of others secondary, we decided that as women of GRC we need to learn how to love better. The study of “1,2,3 John, Dearly Beloved” by George Robertson with Mary Beth McGreevy is our out of the gate fall study to help us continue Read more
My husband, Ken, remembers and recounts the thrill he felt when he was around the age of 8 and his dad would let him “drive” the family boat on Piseco Lake in the Adirondacks. The engine would cruise at a steady pace and all he needed to do was keep the steering wheel on course or perhaps make a smooth, wide turn.  Now, when we take our daughters out in a different family boat on Greenwood Lake, Ken loves to give them the chance to experience the same thrill. He’ll get the boat up to speed carving steadily through the Read more
In the PCA, we have two types of elders who all share the same office and serve together on Session: ruling elders, who are volunteer laymen, and teaching elders, who are pastors. As a teaching elder, I want to use this space to write about our ruling elders. It’s my goal to help you appreciate them and be intentional about finding ways to express your love for them.  (Incidentally, no one asked me to write this article, and there is not a specific situation I am responding to, so don’t be tempted to read between the lines.  I happened to Read more
In Christ, men live out their God-given design as humble leaders, prayerful husbands, valuable employees, and strong fathers. We encourage this growth through Bible studies, discipleship, and by serving together, as well as building solid friendships. Whether you are a relative newcomer to Grace Redeemer Church—and since 2020, we have been blessed with many of you—or you’ve attended for many years, connection with others in the body of Christ is key to living as Christ commanded. As vital as daily communion in Word and prayer with our heavenly Father is, as sinful beings, we need the help of Godly brothers-in-Christ Read more
Are you tired of chasing pretty rainbowsAre you tired of spinning round and roundWrap up all the shattered dreams of your lifeAnd at the feet of Jesus lay them down   Give them all Give them all Give them all to JesusShattered dreams, wounded hearts, broken toysGive them all Give them all Give them all to JesusAnd He will turn your sorrows into joy Phil Johnson   Since having 2 kids and living life as a working mom for the past few years, I was tired.   Sadly enough, in trying to do what was good for my family, I was Read more
I’d like to share a recent lesson from my fifth grade Sunday School class.The lesson began with the image of a shark swimming in the ocean. The only thing we can see above the surface is the fin, representing the sins that are noticeable to ourselves or others. The sins could include lying, physically harming others, mistreating a sibling, being rude, thinking bad thoughts about someone, and so on.But where do the sins come from? This brings us to the shark’s body, beneath the water, representing the inward idols from which our sins flow. According to Tim Keller, an idol Read more
Philippians 1:21 is one of my favorite verses. (Incidentally, it is also etched on my dad’s tombstone in India. Some of you heard a sliver of his story in my Grace Story and the verse reflects the way he lived his life.) This verse seems like an unachievable ideal. In fact, it is impossible to live it out in our old selves. However, when we are born-again, it becomes possible through the power of the Holy Spirit, who lives in the disciples of Christ. One way of examining if we embody this verse is to further study Paul’s following comments (Phil 1:23–26): Read more

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