“Praise the Lord!Praise God in his sanctuary;Praise him in his mighty heavens.Praise him for his acts of power;Praise him for his surpassing greatness.Praise him with the sounding of the trumpet,praise him with the harp and lyre,praise him with tambourine and dancing,praise him with the strings and the flute,praise him with the clash of cymbals,praise him with resounding cymbals.Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!Praise the Lord." –   Psalm 150   In reading Psalm 150 with our children this week, I was struck by its vast, all-encompassing description of praise. Honestly, the first thing that came to mind was Ron Read more
Two years ago, a sister in Life Group shared a strange prayer request, “I want God to show me my sin for what it is, and for me to be grieved by it,” I didn’t quite understand her prayer request. “Who asks God for that?” I wondered, “Is it something I need to do?” I was confused that this sister shared this prayer request, because to me, her walk with Jesus was on point. Why did she need God to show her her sin? Why does she desire to be grieved by it? “Well, if she’s asking God for this, Read more
Hello GRC!Do you have a nightmare that recurs every now and then, and follows the same theme, even if some details are different?  Mine is related to my job/ministry:  I show up somewhere – sometimes at GRC, sometimes another church, sometimes a random place – and I’m expected to preach, but I have no idea until people are looking at me, expectantly!  The moment of panic usually leaves me mumbling in my sleep until Cedar elbows me or I wake up in a cold sweat.  Maybe your recurring nightmare involves a presentation in a boardroom, or losing your kid at Read more
What do you hope to see happen in your life through your connection to the church?    Based on my experience, not many of us think much about that question.  It’s far more common to think about what we hope the church will provide us and our families:  dynamic worship, Biblical preaching, engaging children’s and youth programs, fellowship opportunities, Bible studies, service opportunities, and the like.    But why?  To what end?    If pressed, we might say that these things will help us grow in our faith and encourage us to live God-honoring lives.  But because we are embedded Read more
This Good Friday as we gather for worship, Jewish people all over the world will be celebrating Passover. The feast of Passover has always been a favorite of mine. Growing up in Israel each year my family would celebrate this holiday. The traditional celebration includes the retelling of Israel’s exodus from Egypt and how the Lord freed us from being slaves in Egypt. The people of Israel were suffering under very difficult conditions. They experienced death, pain and persecution on a regular basis and there seemed to be no way out. But God provided a way. In Exodus 12:21-27 Moses Read more
When I train for a long-distance race, I firmly adhere to a running schedule which lays out how many miles to run, when to run, and what kind of run (speed, tempo, long, etc). Similarly, I adopt this approach to my Bible reading: I decide what books to be read and the start to finish timeframe. My goal is to keep to the schedule so that I can stay on task. (It’s one of the reasons I’m attracted to reading the Bible in a year program.) This Fall, I joined a women’s small group, and we were encouraged to establish Read more
In this week’s Voice of Grace, I want to talk about a new series that can help us share our faith with others called Hope Explored. The end of the movie Braveheart is a visual of hope lost. It’s the moment William Wallace realized his dreams for an independent Scotland were no more, after he was betrayed by fellow countryman Robert the Bruce in the movie Braveheart. Wallace counted on Bruce to unite the Scottish clans for a final fight against the King of England at Falkirk. A victory would give Wallace and his countrymen what he longed for the most: Read more
“Mommy, you always say that God looks at the inside and not the outside, so why do I have to wear that dress to church?!” It was a Sunday morning a few years ago, and my 6-year old was making an impassioned plea, tangled hair flying, outfitted in some worn-out leggings and a mismatched shirt. I felt struck. She was right, of course, but I wasn’t quite sure where to go from there. For Easter this year, our GRC kids PreK through 5th grade are invited to take part in a children’s choir. (If you have age appropriate children, you Read more
We, as a Missions Team, are excited about what God is doing with missions at GRC. Part of the challenge of this ministry is that so many of the missionaries we support are working in “sensitive” locations around the world, which makes it difficult to communicate about them through the Web or email without putting them or their ministries at risk, but we can tell you that God is doing some remarkable things among our partners.  And we’re excited about what he is doing through GRC, too. GRC’s “Core” and our Missions Vision GRC’s Purpose is to glorify God and make him known, Read more
I didn’t grow up with parents who loved the Lord, so when Kieran was born I read all the Christian parenting books I could find.  I wanted to do it “right”.  I believed that if I parent a certain way, my kids would love Jesus in their teenage years.  When they struggled with selfishness or rudeness, I would let them know they were being unloving and unkind.  I taught them the ways of God, believing that it would bring about right behavior.  However, when I came to the realization during these past two years that I had forgotten to consistently Read more

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