In my previous Voice of Grace (9/5/2019), I shared about my lack of discipline in waking up early to go to the gym, looking for any excuse to skip out even though I knew the benefits of having that early morning workout. When COVID-19 shut down the country—including gyms—I acknowledged that I would need even more discipline to develop the habit of exercising at home. Before, I knew that if I could get myself out of bed and make my way to the gym, then the workout was guaranteed because there was nothing else to do once I got there. But Read more
Hey GRC, If you don’t already know this about me, I really enjoy worshiping with you all every Sunday!  And I really hope that comes across consistently, mostly because I believe that is how God has wired me to connect with my fellow believers as we live out our lives in a biblical community (one of our church’s core values!).  If you would indulge me, I want to share some things that have helped me grow in my own worship life as we all strive to make every opportunity to grow together as a worshiping family. When I was in Read more
Our family of eight just returned from a 3-month road trip out West. (The handiwork of the Lord declares His glory!) Of course, in order to drive out, we had to limit our belongings to what could fit in or on top of the minivan. Just the essentials. What are the essentials? We learned we could live on a lot less and in a much smaller space when it comes to physical stuff. So, why do I store up so many earthly treasures? Are my possessions serving me or am I serving them? Matthew 6:19-21 says, “Do not store up Read more
Countless times when I have recited the Lord’s Prayer, I ask myself, “What does it mean to ‘give us this day our daily bread?” In our culture, we use the word “bread “as a synonym for “money”: the wage earner in our household is called “the breadwinner”.  Bread remains, at least in our cultural language, a symbol of rudimentary provision for our needs. I love bread, especially when it’s freshly baked and slathered with butter. (In fact, I may love bread a little too much!) During the pandemic our family experienced hardship as our business was decimated; it was distressing and Read more
Earlier this year I read River-Horse, by William Least Heat-Moon.  The book details his voyage across the United States, from Elizabeth, NJ to Astoria, OR in a 22-foot long boat.  It’s a very entertaining tale, told by the same man who wrote Blue Highways, his journey of driving across the United States on the backroads.  I highly recommend both books.One of the aspects of his river journey that struck me was how piloting the boat upstream, although more difficult, seemed to be better than piloting—or floating—downstream.  That’s because when you’re in a little boat caught in the current of a Read more
bride with lace veil
Excitement is brewing in the Tyvoll household these days: our one and only (man) child is getting married at the end of the summer. Now, as I’ve attended weddings over the years, I’ve often thought, “Why all this expense to celebrate one day? Is this necessary?” My attitude toward weddings was the same as my attitude towards Christmas. I used to think, “Why all this fuss, decorating and buying gifts to commemorate the birth of Jesus?  Why can’t we keep it simple?”Several years ago, my attitude toward Christmas changed when someone suggested a metaphor to me: Imagine a kingdom filled Read more
As I sit outside on this cool summer evening overlooking the beautiful greenery in our backyard, I see the beauty of God’s creation, and I’m reminded of God’s many blessings. Many times, I find it much easier to reflect on troubles and the things I wish were different or the things that “were not supposed to be this way” instead of reflecting back on God’s goodness. My husband reminds me that God’s way is perfect and that He is completely sovereign and good in my life. He’s right! Well, I’ve spent a lot of time considering how my trials could Read more
Most Christians will automatically think of Jesus from the title, and rightly so, as he is God’s most costly and lavish gift to us!  But we will surely be missing the breadth of God’s love if we overlook the gifts He gives to us each day and throughout different stages in our lives.  Think of someone that you really tried to bless with a special gift.  How much thought and preparation did it take you?  In His perfect ways, our Heavenly Father gives us what is good, with intentionality.  It is with the goodness of His heart that He lavishes Read more
Several years ago, a client – a pest control company – asked me to update its blog with a piece about how mice can crawl into walls and air ducts to die. As their bodies decay, they harm the air quality in the house to the point of causing respiratory problems for its inhabitants. Working on this article was disturbing because the photographs of some of the affected houses were beautiful – immaculate rooms, perfect landscaping, ritzy furnishings, etc. These well-kept homes had vermin in the walls! After completing the blog post, I tossed and turned all night, wondering what Read more
As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17) Dear Men of GRC,This is for you.Thursday men’s study (TMS) began after Fred and I started to talk about what would be a good way to engage the men at our church. We decided to start a men’s Bible study on Thursday nights, from 8 PM - 930 PM.It has been almost 5 years since we began our journey in a Teaneck overflow room! TMS runs through the year with few breaks. Our format is simple so that everyone can participate: we focus on reading and meditating on the Read more

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