Hello GRC! It’s a Fall like never before, after a Spring and Summer…  This has been a constant season of extraordinary adjustments and How and When God’s people gather here at GRC is no exception.  In light of the changes coming, our staff thought it wise to lay out for you the details of what’s coming.  So no devotional today, just an “orientation” to more change!   All summer long, we were evaluating the attendance so that we could stay ahead by ensuring sufficient overflow spaces.  Our tech and worship teams, led by James Sang and Karl Stephens, have done an incredible job over the Read more
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Pastor Peter mentioned The Lord’s 20/20 vision on Sunday in his sermon, and we discuss God’s 20/20 vision in CR on a weekly basis. We all know that 20/20 vision means perfect vision, but this year has been far from perfect! But would you agree that God’s 20/20 vision is perfect? As I began my third month in my new role as DOMO at GRC, I had so many ideas and plans for the year ahead. And then everything came to a grinding halt. Life as we know it changed. But what about all our plans? Our pickleball court in Read more
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Each time I take my dog Sam on a walk I expect that my heart rate will raise.  After all, that’s the point of exercise.  But, last week I never expected my blood pressure to raise too.  While on a walk with Sam I uncovered a local business that had, what I would consider to be an extremely discriminating sign posted on its door.   On Monday I wrote a draft of this Voice of Grace speaking against the sign, yet sharing how this offensive signed revealed the sin in my own heart.  At first pass that might have been a compelling and Biblically accurate Read more
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I asked my friend why he didn’t go to church anymore. We first met over twenty years ago, when we were two goofy high school kids going about life like many other Christian kids in suburban America: study, hang out with friends, and serve at our church youth groups every weekend. I had not talked to him since, and here we were, now two grown and married men, managing a litter of small children at another kid’s birthday party. He wasn’t opposed to church, he’d explain. He was actually open to going. And he had no gripes with the idea Read more
Hello GRC! It’s been over five months since the pandemic changed everything about worship, ministries, social gatherings, etc. My Sundays are only different because of a single service. Otherwise, I’m still at GRC and when it’s time, I get up to preach from the same pulpit, using the same Bible. This past Sunday, the last day of our family vacation, was only the fourth live-stream for me. Minutes after the service ended, I felt an acute sense of loss. I had thought of this before, but it was more powerful than ever. As soon as we turned off the feed, Read more
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“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.”   — Matthew 6:33 Growing up as a believer in a Christian home, I can’t tell you how many times I had read or heard this verse through the years. I also can’t tell you what I actually understood about this verse. Looking back, it’s clear to me that merely reading these words did not mean I had eyes to see. It wasn’t until this past year that I began to understand the meaning, and I began to understand my lack of Read more
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Recently, I was offended and upset by a Facebook post shared by a member of my extended family. At first, I wanted to reply with a remark that would be either challenging, sarcastic or guilt-inflicting. I was alone at home that day, and I knew I could easily write something I might regret later. Thankfully, God reminded me of my “church,” that is, my growth group here at GRC.  So, instead of writing on Facebook, I wrote an email to my growth group - a group of wise and faithful folks.*  I shared the Facebook post, told them how it Read more
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Not a day passes without at least one TV or internet commercial referring to how we bear up during the COVID-19 pandemic: we are awesome, so we’re told, fearless, self-sacrificing, tough as nails and heroic. Then the sponsor brand appears so we will know who to thank for the encouragement… …or is it flattery? I know. It is hard to believe that someone with something to sell would so shamelessly attempt to manipulate the public. In fact, planting thoughts and fanning emotions are key to almost every sales and marketing campaign. As the old legal doctrine reminds us, caveat emptor Read more
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We’ve been having a great time in Grace Kids these days!  For those of you who aren’t aware, we’ve done a virtual Christmas in July VBS and have been meeting with the kids on Wednesdays to learn about Jesus our Savior who was born for us at Christmas.  I’ve enjoyed having a little Christmas tree up at my house in July and the kids have enjoyed this out of the ordinary theme while making snowmen with fake snow and singing Christmas carols.  This couldn’t be more fun, especially when the weather is in the mid to high nineties! Most importantly, we’ve all been Read more
“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”   - Prov. 11:25 This “handfuls of purpose” was the King James Version description of gleaning that Ruth utilized in a hopeless and dire economic time (Ruth 2:15–16). The GRC Food Pantry uses the same principles. It’s about being grateful for God’s grace and provision in our lives and then providing for others, especially during these trying times.  We just celebrated another July 4th but freedom had quite a different ring to it this year. Here, as a church, is where the question needs to be asked how – in this new normal Read more

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