Little by Little

Released in 2010, The King’s Speech won a slew of Academy Awards – including Best Picture – and introduced much of the ignorant public to the isolation, frustration and even terror that plague those with the defect of stuttering. Front and center is Albert Frederick Arthur George Windsor, a shy British prince (played by Colin Firth) who grew up bullied by his …

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Part 2 — Serving: Handfuls of Purpose

We first addressed GRC’s role for the food insecure through “Handfuls of Purpose” in July (VOG 7/16/20). It is Boaz’s description of gleaning that gave Ruth hope in a very dark season (Ruth 2:15-16). Let’s see how God, the Great Shepherd, has been recently leading GRC to deepen (Luke 5:1-11) its involvement and to serve the ‘food insecure’ through His gentle …

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Is Your Gospel Too Small?

After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” (Mark 1:14-15) Mark began his description of Jesus’ public ministry with a summary of His message. Jesus preached “the good new (literally, ‘gospel’) of God.” …

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sand hourglass embedded in small pebbles

Birthdays & Blessings

Recently I marked another birthday, and as I always do on my birthday, I listened to Frank Sinatra’s album September of My Years(interesting historical tidbit: my favorite Sinatra album and my favorite Beatles album—Rubber Soul—were released in the same year, 1965; but I digress).  It’s an album of reflective songs as the singer looks back over his life; Sinatra recorded it as …

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older man reading Bible

Build the Ark

A friend recently asked me if there was anywhere in the Bible that explicitly commands us to memorize. I told her “yes” and “no”. “No”, if you’re looking for a verse that uses the word “memorize”, but “Yes,” if you are looking for synonyms and implications of God’s commands. Saints are to memorize Scripture as: God commands it in calling …

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Fall Praises & Updates

Hello GRC! It’s a Fall like never before, after a Spring and Summer…  This has been a constant season of extraordinary adjustments and How and When God’s people gather here at GRC is no exception.  In light of the changes coming, our staff thought it wise to lay out for you the details of what’s coming.  So no devotional today, just an “orientation” …

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God’s 20/20 Vision

Pastor Peter mentioned The Lord’s 20/20 vision on Sunday in his sermon, and we discuss God’s 20/20 vision in CR on a weekly basis. We all know that 20/20 vision means perfect vision, but this year has been far from perfect! But would you agree that God’s 20/20 vision is perfect? As I began my third month in my new …

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Young, happy man behind glass door of business, changing to Open sign

What Loving My Neighbor Really Means

Each time I take my dog Sam on a walk I expect that my heart rate will raise.  After all, that’s the point of exercise.  But, last week I never expected my blood pressure to raise too.  While on a walk with Sam I uncovered a local business that had, what I would consider to be an extremely discriminating sign posted on its …

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outer space image

Life to the Full

I asked my friend why he didn’t go to church anymore. We first met over twenty years ago, when we were two goofy high school kids going about life like many other Christian kids in suburban America: study, hang out with friends, and serve at our church youth groups every weekend. I had not talked to him since, and here …

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Y’All Come Back

Hello GRC! It’s been over five months since the pandemic changed everything about worship, ministries, social gatherings, etc. My Sundays are only different because of a single service. Otherwise, I’m still at GRC and when it’s time, I get up to preach from the same pulpit, using the same Bible. This past Sunday, the last day of our family vacation, …

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