The Constancy of Our God

In late summer, I responded to Karen and Rachel’s, our children’s ministry staff, query about teaching Grace Kids Sunday School this Fall.  This question is asked every year but with the pandemic, everything about Sunday School was uncertain. So I checked the box in their survey and hoped for the best. Now, I am one of several teachers and assistants during the 4th and 5th grade Sunday school. 


Grace Kids is all virtual this Fall. There are two 30 minute segments: Pre-K thru Grade 3 and Grades 4 and 5.  Each segment is filled to the brim with a Bible video, followed by story application questions, small group, and prayer time.  Whew … it’s like running a sprint to the finish before Zoom gives you the one minute shut-down warning.   

We’re now 6+ weeks into the Sunday School curriculum, but this past Sunday, I was overcome with gratitude as Sharon Augsburger, one of our teachers, opened up the class. I realized that despite all the ambiguities facing this year, God is the only certainty that can work out all things for his good.  

There is no “one size fits all” program this year, but Karen and Rachel have done an amazing job filling each minute with gospel teaching while reserving time for students to forge relationships with each other and with their teachers. If you haven’t had an opportunity to watch their Wacky Wednesday or Sunday videos, I encourage you to do so on our GRC app.  They’re funny, educational, and filled with guest appearances by our members.  

I count myself blessed to be part of a great team of men and women who are committed to teaching our children. They show up every Sunday not knowing which students will be present or if silence awaits a question. (It’s like going to an awkward party). It’s easy to have a conversation with friends via Zoom but as I’ve learned firsthand, it’s much harder when you need to engage young children’s interest in the Bible lesson and answer challenging questions about sin, faith, and Jesus.  

However, when you have teachers and staff who desire to make God and his Word known to our children, the inconveniences of online classes are diminished. Virtual Sunday school has stripped away many of the bells and whistles (eg, workbooks, games, Welch’s fruit snacks), but it’s also presented an opportunity to make the Bible front and center. It basically exposed the reason why we want our children to be in Sunday school. 

Parents, your children continue to astound me every Sunday with their knowledge of Scripture. This is the fruit of years of Sunday school: repeatedly hearing about God’s character, his plan of salvation for his people, and the resurrection of his Son, Jesus.  Also, thank you for making our job a little easier by reinforcing the Bible teaching at home. Your children may grumble to you, but I have not heard one complaint from them. They have adapted well to virtual Sunday School and make the best of situations, such as interacting by sending group chat messages during the lesson.

Serving in this ministry reminds me that God is and has always been faithful and sovereign. Therefore, the only appropriate response we have is to offer a prayer of thanksgiving.  Please continue to keep our children and their ministry in your prayers.

Lanvi O’Malley is a Sunday school teacher at GRC