The Minor Prophets are seldom read, let alone studied, by most of us, but they have pertinent God-given wisdom that we should heed as believers. When we read them, we get a peek at what God is doing, why He is doing it, and how He will fulfill His plan for His people. The title, “Silence, God Working” caught my attention because many of us currently resonate with the sentiment it evokes and makes us ask, “Why are you silent, God?” It brings us to the very core of who we are and who He is. God says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

If last year was any indication of what we could expect in the future in regards to our country and the world, most of us would have wished we could by-pass the year entirely. But it didn’t. I could list several things that happened to leave many of us questioning things we hold dear. We have a choice between two alternatives. We can either focus on the world around us or focus on the God of the Universe.

Studying the Minor Prophets helps us to rediscover the truth of a God who is at work all the time, even if we don’t see it. God is working! He has a master plan that will be accomplished whether we like it or not, and we might not like what He has to do in the process. We must be transformed by the Word of God as it enlightens our hearts to truth about ourselves.

Studying Scripture together is key to growth in Christ. Without digging deep into Scripture, we cannot hope to grow. It is most beneficial when believers come together to engage in study. It gives us an opportunity to share and speak freely about our walk with the Lord, encourage each other in the faith, and pray together.

This past Fall, Women’s Bible study has had its ups and downs due to Covid. It has been difficult for some women not to be able to meet together in person. Others had to chose to opt-out because of helping children with schooling. But, we are encouraged that more women are able to participate virtually in the evening who would not have had the opportunity if we had met in person.

Looking ahead, we encourage any woman in the church to join us either on Monday evenings or Tuesday mornings by clicking on the link provided in the church calendar or on the church app. It’s not too late to join! We begin on Monday evening, January 25th (7:30 pm) and Tuesday morning, January 26th (9:30 am). Books can be purchased from the PCA Bookstore at

Sharon Augsburger is a Women’s Ministry leader and teaches children’s Sunday School.

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