Responding in Faith

Every Christmas season when I hear the story of the angel Gabriel telling Mary she’ll give birth to the Son of God, I wonder about what moved Mary to respond the way she did.  She responded immediately, surrendering to her role in God’s plan.  What was she thinking?  She most likely knew how difficult giving birth and raising a child would be.  The only assurance Mary received was God’s Word, and it was enough for her to respond “I am the Lord’s servant”, Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” (Luke 1:38)

I realize that when God asks me to trust Him by placing me in a difficult or uncomfortable circumstance, my response reveals how much or little faith I have in Him.  Most often I lean on myself to think through all of the possible outcomes that may affect me instead of first praying for clarity, wisdom, discernment and trusting in God.  And as a result of this I’m distancing myself away from Him instead of drawing closer.  Mary couldn’t ever understand all that God had planned for her, yet, she trusted Him.  Her faith in God was rock-solid.

God already knows what I need before I even ask.  Asking through prayer is God’s way of drawing my attention to realize how much I need Him.  It’s the only way to sustain and further grow a loving relationship with God.  It makes me aware of how involved He already is and lets me see how many of my needs He fills every day.  My dependence on God allows me to be thankful of his daily presence in my life and grow a deeper love for Him.  And with this love, comes the joy of being able to respond eagerly without hesitation to whatever He asks of me.

Audrey Lont serves as a Deaconess at GRC. She and her husband, Sterling, have been members since 2005.