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Sanctity of Human Life: Affirming Life, Supporting People (Pastor Steve)

Transformed by Praise – Pursuing God through the Psalms (Pastor Steve / Lee Augsburger)

Eating Together – Gospel Ministry (Pastor Peter & Cedar Wang)


Women of the Bible

Pornified Culture  (Pastor Josh & Betsy Desch)

Evangelism (Donald Thampy)

Eastern Religions (Lee Augsburger)

Hinduism & Sikhism (Donald Thampy)

Proverbs (Ken Lont)


1 Corinthians 13  (Session)

Foster Care  (Jason Weber)

Parenting  (Karen Jacobsen)

God & Evil  (Dr. Mark Grawehr)

Apologetics (Stan Tyvoll)

Live Interviews with Critical Figures in Christian History  (Lee Augsburger)

Bieber and the Bible: Pop Culture for the Xn  (John Gregory)


Evangelism (John Chung & Mohab Hanna)