ACE Tracks:

Adult Christian Education (ACE) are hour-long classes held on Sunday mornings, which also coincide with children’s Sunday School hour. These classes usually fall into two tracks:

  1. Biblical/Theological track: Focuses on a book or section of the Bible or a theological topic and seeks to increase our understanding while applying the relevance of this truth to our lives.
  2. Christian living track: Focuses on aspects of our contemporary lives (marriage, parenting, spiritual practices, work, discipleship, etc.) and explores the Scriptures for perspective.

Virtual ACE classes

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TOPIC: Living as Salt & Light in 2020 & Beyond (Sept 18 – Nov 20)
[Taught by Pastor Steve]
How we are to fulfill our calling to be “salt and light,” sent as ambassadors of Christ, and live for his kingdom mission. What does that look like in light of a global pandemic and social/racial unrest?  How do we build bridges in this polarized and scary time? Explore how to live missionally and faithfully engage our culture.

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Part 1: Missional Preliminaries
1. 9/18/20 – Our Calling: Salt, Light & Ambassadors
2. 9/25/20 – Our Context: Increasingly Hostile & Socially Distanced
3. 10/2/20 – Our Attitude: Godly Distress vs. Personal Offense
4. 10/9/20 – Our Posture: How to Disagree Agreeably

Part 2: Pandemic
5. Opportunities for Engagement & “Three Circles Gospel Summary
6. Your Story & God’s Story

Part 3: Racial Tension
7. A Biblical Perspective on Social Issues
8. History & Context

9. Open Discussion

Prior ACE Class Videos / Audios:

TOPIC: Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (July 5 – July 26)
[Taught by Dr. Mo Hanna]
Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD) is a term that describes the spirituality of our age: God wants everyone to be happy, nice, and feel good about themselves. It’s become the de facto belief system of the younger generations and increasingly even those in the church. This belief system is explored in detail, and in contrast to the Gospel, since so many of our friends, family, and neighbors are MTD  believers.

TOPIC: Knowing God in Daily Life (June 7 – June 28)
[Taught by Pastor Steve]
It’s a lifelong journey to connect the dots between what we know to be true about God in our heads with where the rubber hits the road in our lives. This class explored how themes from the “doctrine of God” can make a tangible difference in our daily lives.

TOPIC: Family Discipleship (March 29 – May 24, 2020)
[Taught by Pastor Steve]
These classes were a joint-effort between adults, Youth, and Children’s Ministry to provide hands-on practical training for parents on conducting family discipleship. An at-home curriculum was provided for families to use for discipleship relevant to the whole family (all age ranges).

Psalm 119 Curriculum:

TOPIC: Faith@Work (April 19 ~ May 24, 2020)
[Taught by Donald Thampy & Steve Hoogerhyde] 
How does your faith affect your work?  Does your belief in God have anything to do with how and why you work? How are you a witness at work? What makes work difficult, and how can work be fruitful and enjoyable? 

Looking for classes prior to 2020? Check out our ACE Archives.

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