Prophet, Priest & King

Our recent church retreat to Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Island was a good reminder of Matthew 18:19-20: “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Even though it was a larger group that was gathered at the retreat, this verse still comforts us with the knowledge that Jesus is not just present, but among us like a friend or brother when we gather in His name. While many of us view this annual retreat as an escape from life’s busyness, a chance to relax and enjoy the beach, this retreat reminded us that true refreshment isn’t just about sleeping in or taking long naps; it’s also about resting in God’s presence. 

During our sessions with this year’s speaker, Joe Fischer, I felt a profound sense of God’s presence and community among our church body. As we lifted our praises to the Lord together, the truth of Matthew 18:19 became tangible.

This year we had the privilege of having Joe Fisher as our invited speaker. The key theme of his messages from Hebrews 1:1-4 was that Jesus is our Prophet, our Priest and our King. In his final message on Jesus as King, Joe Fischer shared a story that really caught my attention. He related the experience of a young man named Greg. Greg grew up with an absent mother and a father who was always too busy for him. Initially, Greg loved the freedom to do whatever he wanted but after spending time with a friend and his family, he realized that he craved the love and even the boundaries that his friend experienced at home. This story really was eye-opening to me because as teens we often struggle to accept the authority of our parents and we don’t want to be “ruled”. We feel like our parents are too strict or even mean when they make rules for us to follow. This same idea applies to people as they think about God and His Word – many people think that God is just giving us a bunch of rules in the Bible while in reality He is giving us boundaries and guidelines so that we can experience life as He intended, a life in fellowship with God. Joe Fischer emphasized that we were made to be ruled by someone who is good; to be ruled by a King like Jesus.

This year’s retreat helped me to see what a wonderful God we serve. He is a God who gave us His Son to be our Prophet, our Priest and our King and who also gave us the fellowship of the body of Christ in GRC.

You can view all of the 2024 GRC Retreat Sessions at this link.

Elise Jones has been attending GRC for almost 15 years and has attended at least 5 retreats.