Refuge 686

What is Refuge 686?

Refuge 686, GRC’s foster and adoption care ministry, shares God’s heart to set the lonely in families as He promised in Psalm 68:6. Our vision is to see God’s promise fulfilled by building a culture of care and support that reflects God’s heart, so that parentless children are nurtured and loved.

This vision is accomplished through education, family networks, prayer, and tangible means of support. Those seeking to adopt or care for foster children can also access Refuge 686 as a helpful resource in the application process; these special families will find a loving and supportive congregation of believers, each adopted by their Father in heaven.


There are parentless children everywhere who are lonely. They go to bed every night wishing for one thing: the love of a family. The body of Christ is called to help fulfill the promise of Psalm 68:6.

What we do

We are first and foremost a church-based ministry, believing that parentless children should find refuge, nurture, and care in loving Christian homes that are supported by a local church family. We desire to help as many Christians as possible answer the cry of lonely and vulnerable children by raising-up, supporting, and encouraging adoptive and foster families. As we provide support and equipping resources to those families, our hope is that more children will be welcomed into Christian homes and find their own place of refuge. We also seek to serve and support parentless children who can’t be placed in families (international orphans), or are waiting to be placed in families (foster children in the US).

We are not a licensed adoption or foster-care agency, and we do not endorse any particular agency. Rather, we seek to provide prospective adoptive and foster parents with the information and skills to prayerfully and wisely make their own adoption and/or foster care plans. Our heart’s desire is to walk alongside and raise up loving and well-equipped Christian adoptive and foster families through the entire process — before, during, and after a child is placed — by providing community, encouragement, practical support, and parenting information.

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