Vision for Grace Redeemer Church Missions:

Our desire is for the whole congregation to pray, give, and go as we work to advance the movement of the Gospel and the planting and establishment of churches — especially among the least reached — while supporting and caring for all our missionary relationships.

What we do:

Our Missions Team works to:

  1. Facilitate our relationship with missionaries and missions ministries beyond GRC in our region and around the world.
  2. Cast vision, educate, and mobilize our congregation to be involved with these relationships and ministries.
  3. Encourage GRC members and ministries in their local outreach efforts as requested and vet any opportunities that may arise before they’re promoted to the congregation at large.

These efforts involve plans for ongoing vision-casting and education; forming teams to care and encourage our sponsored missionaries; mobilize prayer for missions and our missionaries; mobilize the congregation for hands-on participation in missions; and strategically steward the Missions budget of the church based on our priorities and goals under the oversight of our Elders.

Missions Week

Each year, the church will focus on some aspect of our Missions ministry through a special week spanning two Sundays with a Saturday conference in between that casts vision, educates, rallies prayer, equips, and mobilizes our people in various ways to engage in missions. Learn about our 2024 Missions Conference Here.

Missions Giving

GRC’s missions budget is entirely supported by designated giving above-and-beyond general giving to GRC. You can give a one-time gift or set up a recurring gift specifically for the Missions Fund here by selecting “Mission Fund” from the Fund drop-down menu.

Short-Term Missions

Our Missions Team communicates with our partners around the world, our denomination, and with other like-minded ministries in order to recommend one or more short-term missions projects for our congregation each year. Promotion for these projects will typically begin with the Missions Week.

Missionaries and Partners

We seek to allocate our financial giving to be strategically involved in church planting, evangelism and discipleship ministries, mercy ministries, and mobilization of our congregation to participate directly with our missions partners.

Because many of our partners work with unreached people groups or in sensitive areas of the world, we do not publish information about our missionaries online. You can learn more about them by visiting GRC.