• “Experiencing the joy of the Gospel with the kids.”
  • “Helping kids learn more about Jesus’ tremendous love.”
  • “Connecting with the kids and sharing the good news about Jesus.”
  • “Watching the kids fall in love with Jesus.”


These were some of the many responses our Grace Kids teachers gave when asked what they were looking forward to the most in teaching our kids this year.  We have a fantastic team that makes Grace Kids a joyful ministry of sharing the Gospel with our children at Grace Redeemer.  Our teachers live out the sentiment of the apostle John in 3 John 1:4 when he says, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”


So how do our teachers and our staff in Grace Kids help our children walk in the truth?  We do this in three ways: weekly Gospel centered teaching and discipleship, special events and parent equipping.


Weekly Gospel Centered Care and Teaching

We help our kids to walk in God’s truth by providing loving care and Gospel centered teaching for all of our children from birth to fifth grade through our nursery, Sunday school and Worship Service classes.


Nursery – Our volunteers and staff show our infants and toddlers the truths of God’s love by welcoming them in a safe and nurturing environment.  At the youngest age our kids learn the truth that the heart of the Gospel is Jesus’ love for them.


Sunday School – At our 10:00am Sunday school hour we help kids walk in truth of the Gospel: Jesus loves us, saves us and wants us to grow in our love for Him and others.  We use engaging discipleship curriculums to help kids pursue a relationship with Jesus and those around them. 


Worship Service Classes

  • Kids Club – In Kids Club our kids walk in the truth of the Gospel: Jesus is our Redeemer. We teach our PreK-Third grade kids the important stories of the Bible and how all of them point to Jesus. These stories, along with scripture memory, crafts and activities give our kids a Gospel foundation to see how God’s plan all along was to send Jesus to redeem us.  
  • Bridge – Our fourth and fifth graders walk in the truth of Jesus as the way, the truth and the life as they learn the New City catechism. This systematic curriculum helps kids learn the truth of the Gospel using 52 questions and answers to help them grow in their faith.



Special Events

Our special events help the kids in our church and their friends walk in the truth.  Each year Grace Kids sponsors several special events for Christmas, Easter, the Missions Conference and VBS.  We design these events to be outreach opportunities that teach the Gospel through hands-on fun and fellowship.  We encourage our kids to invite their friends who need to meet Jesus and walk in His truth.


Parent Equipping Opportunities

We want our parents to experience the joy of seeing their kids walk in the truth and helping them to do this on a daily basis at home.  Each week our staff sends out resources to parents to assist them in discipling their kids and helping them grow in their faith.  Periodically we also offer parenting equipping opportunities like our Family Worship workshop that helps parents to become the primary disciplers of their children.


Truly I have no greater joy than to see our kids at GRC walk in the truth.  I’d invite you to pray for and join in on this joy too!  Would you join us in praying that all of our kids at Grace Redeemer would walk in the truth and that these truths would take root in their hearts and lives?  Perhaps you’d even take it a step further? Would you consider joining in the joy of seeing our kids walk in the truth as a teacher in Grace Kids?  You can reach out to children@graceredeemer.com to find out more.



Karen Jacobsen is the Children’s Director at GRC.

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