Crossroads @ Grace Redeemer Church

Crossroads, the Young Adults Ministry of Grace Redeemer Church, is designed to connect young adults with one another in a setting where friendship and Christian discipleship is fostered. Part of discipleship is recognizing your role in the body of Christ, His church. Our goal is to build up young adult Christians who take great joy in the life of Christ’s church. The young adults growth group is composed of singles and young, married couples.

Small Group  |  How To Live

How To Live is a systematic theology class for high school youth and young adults on how to live for God through Christ. All too often, we view the Bible as a list of dos and don’ts that bring us little joy, or a collection of fun facts that have no bearing on everyday life. How To Live aims to present what it is to truly know God, both mind and heart, and appropriately respond to His love for us.

If you’re looking to get clear on the teaching of the Scriptures and how they teach us to live for God through Christ, this is the class for you.

Fellowship  |  Dine Out

On the 4th Friday of every month, Crossroads gets together for a meal at a local restaurant. Please be sure to check the church bulletin and calendar for more information.

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