Welcome to Grace Kids Online!  Each Sunday, we post a new video with the lesson of the week which includes a Bible story, worship song, memory verse, and a special guest appearance!

09/20/20 – The Bronze Snake
 What do snakes have to do with sin and salvation?  Come find out in today’s lesson….
04/19/20 – Jacob’s New Name 
Find out how Jacob got his new name.
4/26/20 – Joseph Sent to Egypt Meet Joseph who answers the question: “When we’re in the pit, where is God?”
5/3/20 – Joseph Explains Dreams
Find out how God was always with Joseph through life’s ups and downs.
5/10/20 – Joseph Forgives His Family
Find out what happens when Joseph meets his brothers face to face.
5/31/20 – The Red Sea Crossing
When the situation seems impossible, God provides a path for the Israelites and He provides one for us, too.
6/21/20 – The Ten Commandments
What can donuts teach us about the 10 commandments?
07/12/20 – Rules for Sacrifice
What did God require of the Israelites for the forgiveness of sins and what does God require today?  
5/17/20 – Moses Was Born and Called
Meet Moses and find out the special calling God had for his life.
6/7/20 – Bread from Heaven
We’ll see how God provides for His people in a miraculous way, giving us just what we need for each day!
6/28/20 – The Golden Calf
Find out what God’s commandments, a calf, the cross, and a clean heart have to do with today’s lesson!
09/13/20 – Joshua & Caleb
What did the ten spies find when they entered the Promised Land?
5/24/20 – The Plagues and the Passover
Find out what happens when Moses demands that the Pharaoh let his people go.
06/14/20 – Jethro Helped Moses
When Jethro sees that Moses is taking on too much, he offers some very helpful advice.
7/5/20 – The Tabernacle Was Built
Where did God dwell with his people? Let’s find out in today’s lesson!

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