*New classes will resume in the Fall. Each Sunday, we post a new video with the lesson of the week which includes a Bible story, worship song, memory verse, and a special guest appearance!

07-04-21 Ezekiel Gave Hope
In today’s story, we see how God showed the prophet Ezekiel His power to make dead people alive.

06-27-21 Judah Taken Captive
What happens to God’s people when they continue to disobey Him and turn away from Him? Will God forget His people?  Let’s find out.

6-20-21 Habakkuk the Prophet 
Life gets tough for Habakkuk.  Find out what questions he asks God and lessons he learns in this week’s lesson.

06-13-21 Jeremiah, Prophet to Judah We meet a prophet who had a special message about God’s new covenant with His people.


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