Milestones of Grace

Hello GRC!
Who doesn’t love a great celebration?  For little ones, a birthday brings tons of delight:  in the attention, the presents, the gathering of friends and family singing to you, before you alone get to blow out the candles!  
For the older among us, who may not relish another year passing or another patch of hair turning gray, the milestones still come.  Maybe an anniversary, or the fact that you stayed in one home longer than ever before. For our family, in a span of 4 weeks, I’ll join some classmates at our 30th Reunion, then celebrate our daughter’s college graduation, and then celebrate Cedar’s 50th!  Those are significant mile-markers along life’s journey (that each remind us, gulp, that Senior Discounts are right around the corner).  
2024 brings a big milestone for Grace Redeemer Church.  WE turn 25 in September!  I use ‘we’ deliberately, because any biblical church IS the people, not the building nor the ministries.  The church is God’s flock, His adopted children, the gathering of worshippers.  That’s YOU, even if you just started attending recently.   Here at GRC, a team is already planning a 25th celebration for Saturday September 21st.  We’ll look back on a quarter-century of God’s rich blessing, which includes a gracious rescue from what we might call a “near-death experience” in year 3 of our existence.  It also includes God providing a permanent home for us – far beyond what we asked or imagined! – leading to the purchase and renovation of our current facility only 6+ years ago.  That was made possible as God stirred the hearts of the people to give generously to our 2014 Vision Campaign, which ‘turns 10’ this September (another milestone!).  Speaking of which…
The Session (the elders of GRC), after about 8 months of thinking and praying,  unanimously agreed that now is the right time for a new Vision Campaign, to start the day after our 25th Anniversary Celebration.  This is our hope: that the next 25 years (and many more) of God’s faithfulness to GRC will increase our ability to:  reach more people for Christ; equip the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:12); maintain and improve this beautiful facility; and reduce the annual expenses of our long-term loan. This fall, we’ll recall details of the Kingdom Vision we dared to dream 10 years ago, and ask God to give us clarity, conviction, and unity regarding a fresh vision for the generations to come!  Much more will be shared in the coming months, including various ways you can play a role in this Vision Campaign.  For now, would you bring this plan before the King in prayer, asking for God’s blessing and for His leading, so that His purposes would prevail, and His name would be magnified?!  
For the Session,

Peter Wang is the Senior Pastor at GRC.