As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)

Dear Men of GRC,

This is for you.

Thursday men’s study (TMS) began after Fred and I started to talk about what would be a good way to engage the men at our church. We decided to start a men’s Bible study on Thursday nights, from 8 PM – 930 PM.

It has been almost 5 years since we began our journey in a Teaneck overflow room! TMS runs through the year with few breaks. Our format is simple so that everyone can participate: we focus on reading and meditating on the Word of God and applying it in our daily living, including asking and seeking one another’s spiritual and overall wellness. This week, we’re studying John 17. We’ve had men who have been there since the start; we’ve had many become regulars now; and we’ve had some visitors over the years.

The most notable observation is the changes in the men who have persevered and stayed; Proverbs 27:17 is becoming a reality. When we consistently meet and engage with the Word, and with one another, we see an increase in the sharpness. What is this sharpness you might ask? It is a complicated answer.  It is a sharpness in the way we see God; it is the sharpness in the way we see ourselves in Christ and sin in our lives that so easily besets us; and it is sharpness in the way we see the people in the world, especially our spouses, kids, family, colleagues, friends, and neighbors. God uses this community (TMS) to deploy His Spirit in each of us, using His Word as the means to accomplish His will for His glory and our joy!

Do you feel blunt? Do you have fellowships that challenge you to live a godly life? Or are you floating in the lazy river of spiritual complacency? Come join us in TMS or join any men’s group that we have at GRC (write to Steve Sage, the elders, or staff, who will help you find one) and make a commitment to stay, engage, be curious in scripture and before you know it, you will sense the love of Christ, compelling you to love others as Jesus loves you. Apologize for being blunt.

Some of the fruit that we have seen from the past years in TMS are listed below:

  • Friendships developed between strangers.
  • Understanding our identity as men and how Jesus commands us to emulate Him in humble service and shepherding of our spouses, kids, His body, and the world.
  • Prayers and tears shed for the salvation and care for many. We are so caught up in our lives we cannot get past our household, thinking about the lost world seems a far-fetched dream, but we are commanded to “go and make disciples.”
  • A deep love for God, His Word, His body, and the dying world. We have had many folks who have brought people who are their coworkers, friends who need this fellowship to see the light, grow and multiply fruit. The work of evangelism and foundations of discipleship.
  • Learning to handle the word of God and facilitate the study of it. I know this activity gives you jitters, but we have a context and a loving way to learning how to learn together, we have had upwards of 15 homegrown facilitators of the study of the word of God.

A blunt knife is unable to cut through objects, but may even hurt the one cutting. Come be sharpened, become an instrument of God in the community of God!  

Contact John Yepez or Don Thampy to get more details of TMS.
Dear Women of GRC,
If your husbands are not plugged in, it’s high time you had a conversation and encourage them to get plugged in. Wouldn’t it be a joy to see the servant-leader of your household follow in Christ’s footsteps?

Donald Thampy headshot

Donald Thampy is a Ruling Elder and leads our TMS and facilitates our current Faith & Culture series.

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