Pastor Peter mentioned The Lord’s 20/20 vision on Sunday in his sermon, and we discuss God’s 20/20 vision in CR on a weekly basis. We all know that 20/20 vision means perfect vision, but this year has been far from perfect! But would you agree that God’s 20/20 vision is perfect?

As I began my third month in my new role as DOMO at GRC, I had so many ideas and plans for the year ahead. And then everything came to a grinding halt. Life as we know it changed. But what about all our plans? Our pickleball court in the warehouse suddenly became prime space for Star of Hope Ministries to receive, pack and distribute food for the needy. Since March 17 over 17,688 grocery kits have been packed in our warehouse by volunteers. Our livestreamed church service is being watched by people in 27 U.S. states and over 8 other countries. Celebrate Recovery has been meeting via Zoom every week with folks attending from all over the world! The racial issues in our country have caused many of us to stop and deeply examine our own hearts and, in some cases, acknowledge our own sin. And even through this all, I think to myself, God’s vision is so much greater and better than mine.

God’s Vision: 

  • Using our warehouse to feed the hungry
  • Viewers from all over the world are hearing the word of God being preached on a weekly basis
  • People needing help from hurts, habits, and hang-ups are able to attend a CR meeting from wherever they are during a global pandemic
  • Dialogue is taking place seeking to apply God’s biblical vision of justice to the racial issues of our country, making us examine our own hearts

My Vision:

  • Using our warehouse as a pickleball court
  • Church every week with our group of regulars
  • CR meetings as usual every week at GRC
  • Seeking my own comfort while ignoring the social issues of our nation

My vision is so limited, flawed, and insignificant compared to His. The Lord wants better for us than we desire for ourselves. The last several months have given me an opportunity to reflect on His goodness even in the midst of trials.

I do believe God’s 20/20 vision is perfect. He has proven to me over and over that His ways are far better than mine and that His path, although not always easier, is always the right one.

Laura Tretner

Laura Tretner is our Director of Ministry Operations and assists her husband, Werner, in leading Celebrate Recovery, a faith-based recovery program.

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