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Women's Bible Study (Tues Morning)
Every week on Tuesday until Dec 15, 2020 from 9:30a to 11:00a
Except on Nov 24th, 2020

Who He Says I am:  A Study of Our Identity in Christ

By Jean Gaffin


What is your name?  Who are you?

The world loves to label us.  Our identity these days seems to be related to what group we are in.  For example, in the United States, we can be African American, Euro American, Asian American or Hispanic American.  We can be male or female or any of a number of supposed other gender choices out there.  We can be LGBT or heterosexual.  We can be a butcher or baker.  We can be Mrs. Jones or Ms. Jones or Mx. Jones.  We can be an environmentalist or a capitalist or a socialist.  We can be a vegetarian or a carnivore.  So to find out our identity we have to pick from groups it would seem.

For most of us reading this book, we can claim the most important identity.  You are a Christian. You are a believer in Jesus Christ.  That puts Christian in front of every one of your identities.  This book will encourage women as they read the phrase ‘in Christ’ in Scripture, to not just gloss over the term, but to think about the amazing truths that they represent.  Our union with the Lord Jesus has given us a rich identity.  

Register by August 26 so that books can be ordered and picked up.

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