Jeremiah 17:9

“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”

I’m fortunate to be living in the U.S. and have access to great books that depict the need I have for the gospel; soulful songs that stir my emotions; a healthy church and growth group. I basically fill my life with activities that are meant for the worshipper of God, but in reality, I neglect Jesus. Seems insane, doesn’t it? Why would I be crazy enough to live like this but miss the whole point?

Well, even crazier is how long I’ve been doing it. I meant for all these activities to fuel a relationship with God. My mind, senses, and time were all engaged in the right things. This made for a perfect cover-up because it’s my heart that I never really tended to. 

Personal worship is about what I do when no one is looking, in my downtime. I didn’t really specifically confess my sins with the desire to be changed. I didn’t really see my sin, the adulterous nature of it in light of Jesus’ love for me. I wasn’t really seeking the Lord as if He’s all my heart longs for. So, after a while my heart became a place where I could entertain other affections. I fantasized about what really made me happy. If only I could have that, then I’d be set. In my heart, I forgot that Jesus is everything I need and want.

What makes me crazy enough to leave the greatest love I could ever find? Jeremiah talked about how my heart is deceitful above all else, it’s desperately sick. The deceitful heart is bent toward self-destructive living, out to destroy everything good I have. Mine is not the first. This all started back in the garden. That was paradise, yet somehow Eve’s heart was not satisfied with perfection. Insane. Be honest with yourself today: admit what your heart has done for you lately. What’s the point of your faith if you’re not getting serious with Jesus? He’s all in. What about you?

The GRC Children’s Ministry is also providing a family Lenten Devotional which is available here.

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