If you love serving with a diverse team of servant-leaders, committed to bringing Gospel transformation to northern NJ and beyond, we invite you to apply for the following jobs:

Youth Ministry Coordinator

This position has two distinct roles, coordinating the youth ministry programs and
coordinating youth discipleship. This position could be filled as two separate ones.

I. Youth Program Coordinator (up to 12 hours a week)
Friday Night Program – (6:00 PM – 9:30 PM weekly)
Sunday School – (40 min set up + 9:45 AM-11:05 AM weekly)
Youth Staff Meeting – (1.5 Hours weekly)
Admin Hours – (up to 5 hours weekly)

To support and assist in coordinating programs, including the Friday night
program, Sunday School, and special events (ex., outreach events, camps,
mission trip) for GRC’s middle and high school students and their families. Will
work under the direction of the Director of Family Discipleship.
A. Coordinate Youth Ministry Program Efforts

  1. Collaborate with the Director of Family Discipleship and youth leaders to plan
    and execute an annual calendar of events for youth ministry.
  2. Organize administrative details for the Friday night, Sunday School, or special
    events, including scheduling, reserving, purchasing, set and clean up.
  3. Communicate weekly with the Director of Family Discipleship and discuss
    feedback, plans, needs, and details.
  4. Assist with reviewing and setting up lesson material and technology required for
    midweek youth group and Sunday School classes.
  5. Serve, lead, and occasionally teach at midweek programs, Sunday School
    classes, or special events.
  6. Collaborate on identifying faith formation needs of all youth.
    B. Additional Administrative Needs
  7. Assist with onboarding volunteers, including processing all volunteer
    applications, background checks, and references.
  8. Review all formal documents and communication.
  9. Assist with coordinating and developing training for new youth volunteers.
  10. Assist with additional administrative needs as they come.

II. Youth Discipleship Coordinator (up to 8 hours a week)
Volunteer Meetings – (up to 3 hours weekly)
Coordination & Communication – (up to 3 hours weekly)
Student Investment – (up to 2 hours weekly)
Family Investment – (by need basis)
Weekly Meeting – (1 hour weekly)

To partner with the Director of Family Discipleship in leading and developing the
structure of youth discipleship, supporting students’ spiritual formation, and
identifying where all students of Grace Redeemer Church are in their faith
journey. Will report to the Director of Family Discipleship.
A. Coordinate & Organize Discipleship (Especially Female)

  1. Review & partner in designing curriculum.
  2. Support discipleship group leaders and mentors, especially females, regularly
    meet with them to check in, support, encourage, and train.
  3. Help identify and recruit mentors and discipleship group leaders.
  4. Work with the Director of Family Discipleship to plan discipleship groups and
    mentor pairings.
  5. Develop training materials and classes for discipleship group leaders and
  6. Invest in students in either a discipleship group or mentorships.
  7. Communicate plans, updates, or changes of programs or materials to the
    discipleship group leaders and mentors.
  8. Gather and evaluate feedback from leaders, mentors, parents, and students.
    B. Youth Shepherding
  9. Maintain and monitor the shepherding list of students from communicant (6th
    grade) to graduate (freshman college) and assist in checking on students by
    contacting the (at least) one key (non-parent) adult in every their life that
    regularly checks in and invests in them.
  10. Support action plans for students that have become distant or walking away from
    their faith, attendees who would likely become members, and students with
    leadership potential.
  11. Support efforts to know and meet with families of youth in order to come
    alongside their work as the primary disciplers and bridge the youth ministry with
    their ministry as parents.

Resume Submission: Email resume and cover letter to recruiter@graceredeemer.com.

Church Planting Resident

Grace Redeemer Church (PCA) is a Gospel-centered, missional, multi-ethnic congregation in the midst of a highly diverse suburban county just outside of Manhattan. We were planted by Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City in 1999, and we have planted two daughter churches in our 20 years. Our current vision includes the desire to become a church planting center in which we will constantly be involved in church planting in our region and around the world.

Grace Redeemer Church seeks to hire a church planting resident who will serve on staff at GRC for 2-3 years, depending on experience, before planting.  The purpose of this residency is to:

  • Gain experience living and ministering in the Metro NYC area and confirm one’s gifting and calling for planting in northern New Jersey.
  • Develop a launch team and receive a “running start” at church planting by incubating the foundational stages of a future church plant while serving on GRC staff.
  • Provide adequate time to identify a target area and learn the context for the future plant while living and ministering in the region.
  • Develop relationships of mutual edification, support, and encouragement with other leaders who are seeking to advance the cause of Christ through church planting.

A prospective church planting resident will:

  • Demonstrate core godliness: secure-in-Christ, a man who has nothing to prove to his peers or to the flock. A man who preaches the Gospel to himself, and who models the Gospel to his family.
  • Demonstrate a missional lifestyle, a shepherding/discipling heart, strong evangelistic gifts, and the ability to gather people in the context of an unchurched, secular culture.
  • Relish the opportunity to minister within a fast-paced environment.
  • Have a Gospel-centered philosophy of ministry and love God, God’s people, and the lost.
  • Be an entrepreneurial self-starter.
  • Ability to relate comfortably and competently to people representing a Metro-NY culture that is highly diverse racially/ethnically and socio-economically.
  • Have a teachable spirit; a life-long learner.
  • Have already attended an approved Assessment Center and received a “Provisional Qualification” or better.
  • Be ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) or have educational and experiential qualifications suitable for (transfer of) ordination in the PCA.

Responsibilities include:

  • Engaging the lost, lonely, and hurting in the wider community.
  • Sharing in the general pastoral responsibilities of the church, including shepherding, biblical counseling, occasional preaching and teaching.
  • Personally disciple and equip a group of men.
  • Participate in leadership development.

This position is full-time and provides a salary/benefits package commensurate with qualifications and experience.  GRC will provide 50% of the total salary package, while the church planting resident will be responsible to demonstrate their ability to raise support by raising the remaining 50%.  Benefits include vacation and study leave; health, life and disability insurance; and contributions to the PCA retirement plan.

Applications via email-only should be sent to recruiter@graceredeemer.com.

Applications should include:

  1. Resume/C.V.
  2. Ministerial Data Form
  3. Church Planting Assessment Evaluation
  4. 2-3 sample sermons (links to a Website or sent via mp3/mp4 format)
  5. Cover letter briefly addressing:
  • Why are you interested in planting in northern New Jersey?
  • If married, describe your wife’s perspective on (a) church planting (b) in northern New Jersey.
  • Why do you think we need more churches? (i.e., What’s the purpose of church planting?)
  • Who has influenced you within the PCA, and who has influenced your understanding of mission?
Biblical Counselor

The in-house counselor provides Christ-centered, Biblically-based counseling services (to individuals, couples, and families), with priority given to members and attendees of Grace Redeemer Church. The counselor is a part-time staff member and reports directly to the Director of Counseling Ministry.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Degree in Counseling/Biblical Counseling
  • Counseling license preferred
  • Minimum 3 years of counseling experience

Major Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide individual, group, or family therapy sessions as appropriate for treatment plan of clients.
  • Provide initial treatment planning for clients based on assessment and collaborate with additional services as needed.
  • Maintain timely documentation of services provided to clients according to facility and professional standards for documentation/record keeping, confidentiality, and ethical/professional standards.
  • Participate in treatment team meetings, case conferencing, supervision, and collaborate with other pastoral and counseling staff as appropriate.

Character & Conduct Qualifications:

  • Demonstrates a deep Gospel-humility, while also confident and passionate about accomplishing great Kingdom purposes in reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit and on the resources God has given to His church. 
  • Exhibits strong interpersonal skills that can adapt to various personalities and contexts. 
  • Shows openness to receiving feedback and direction from Director of Counseling Ministry and pastoral leadership.
  • Desire to be a part of a team of Kingdom servants; enjoys staff camaraderie, with a sense of humor about self on the basis of confidence in Christ-identity. 
  • Affirms core beliefs and doctrinal standards of Grace Redeemer Church. 
  • Evidences biblical character in personal life and relationships.
  • Desires to grow both spiritually and professionally.
  • Demonstrates a lifestyle, and family life, that is consistent in word and practice with Scripture.

Employment Classification: Part-Time, Regular, Non-Exempt

Work Schedule:

  • Hours: 10-15 hours, including weekend and evening slots as necessary for client schedules.
  • Vacation: Specified in an offer of employment.
    • Holidays: Specified in the Employee Manual.

Resume Submission: Email resume, cover letter, and recommendations to recruiter@graceredeemer.com.

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