About Us

About Grace Redeemer Church

Grace Redeemer Church (GRC) is a Gospel-centered, missional, multi-ethnic church in Glen Rock, New Jersey – just a few miles outside of NYC and a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We are a spiritual family of broken people who find our life and satisfaction in the grace of God expressed toward us in Jesus Christ (the Gospel). We seek to love, encourage, and support one another as a spiritual family, but our vision is for more than ourselves; we recognize that God has brought us into His family in order to share His heart for the whole world, so we seek to share the love of God with others wherever we live, work, and play. That’s what we mean by “missional”—we count it a privilege to participate in the mission of God.

We’d love the opportunity to meet you in order to encourage you in your faith journey and in turn be encouraged by you as you participate in our community-on-mission.

Our Core


We exist to glorify God and make Him known.


To join God in bringing life-changing transformation to individuals, families, and communities, wherever we live and serve. 


1. Gospel-centered Biblical truth: We rest and rejoice in Jesus alone for our salvation, significance, and security, and look to His power to change us and to make all things right, as guided by His truth, revealed in Scripture.

2. Dependent Prayer: We seek to experience the presence and power of God through his Spirit by making kingdom prayer central to the way we relate to God as individuals and as a gathered community.

3. Authentic community: We seek to be an ethnically-diverse community for real people from every tribe, language, people, and nation with real stresses and life challenges, who faithfully worship God together, lovingly care for each other, and mercifully reach out to those in need.

4. Kingdom reproduction: We join God in His mission to make disciples through evangelism, facilitating spiritual growth, developing leaders, planting churches, and participating in cross-cultural and global missions.

5. Cultural engagement:  Heeding the words of Jesus that we are not of the world but are sent into the world, we seek to speak the truth in love as we engage with contemporary issues in culture and society. 


Transformed disciples live UP, IN, and OUT: cultivating relationships with God, one another, and with the world to which we are sent. Therefore, we will carry out our ministry by:

  • Praying: Because we join God in His mission, we commit to encouraging kingdom-prayer in all gatherings. 
  • Preparing: Because transformation occurs through discipleship, we will equip individuals and families to live up, in, and out where they live, work, and play.
    • UP: By cultivating God-glorifying and Christ-centered worship.
    • IN: By enriching relationships within the body of Christ through intentional community, hospitality, assimilation of newcomers, and regular play and celebration, AND by shaping and equipping God’s people so that they increasingly bear the likeness of our Savior.
    • OUT: By personally and communally engaging in evangelism and outreach AND by sacrificially investing our personal and church resources to advance God’s Kingdom.
  • Participating: Because disciples are ambassadors for Christ, sent for the sake of the world, we will engage and partner for community and global impact. 

Our Story

Throughout the years, God’s faithfulness to Grace Redeemer Church (GRC) has been abundantly clear. Whether worshipping together in a rented college classroom or in our beautifully renovated permanent building, GRC members have faithfully held on to God’s promise to be wherever two or three are gathered. Here’s a bit of our history as a church:


Redeemer Presbyterian Church NYC, under the leadership of Rev. Tim Keller, plants its first daughter churches in NJ in Teaneck (GRC) and Hoboken. GRC begins to meet in a rented space at Fairleigh Dickinson University.


GRC plants its own daughter church in Montclair, Redeemer Montclair.


Peter Wang is hired as Senior Pastor.


GRC moves to another rented space in Teaneck.


GRC plants its second daughter church, All Souls Community Church, in Nanuet, NY.


GRC purchases its current church home at 21 Harristown Road in Glen Rock, NJ.


GRC moves in and celebrates God’s faithfulness!


GRC celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Our team

Get to know the team of pastors, ministry leaders, staff, elders, and diaconate members that God has brought together to serve His people. We look forward to meeting you and walking alongside of you in our shared journey of faith.