Month: March 2022

Quality, Not Quantity

When I train for a long-distance race, I firmly adhere to a running schedule which lays out how many miles to run, when to run, and what kind of run (speed, tempo, long, etc). Similarly, I adopt this approach to my Bible reading: I decide what books to be read and the start to finish timeframe. My goal is to …

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Hope Explored Overview

In this week’s Voice of Grace, I want to talk about a new series that can help us share our faith with others called Hope Explored. The end of the movie Braveheart is a visual of hope lost. It’s the moment William Wallace realized his dreams for an independent Scotland were no more, after he was betrayed by fellow countryman Robert …

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Looking At The Heart

“Mommy, you always say that God looks at the inside and not the outside, so why do I have to wear that dress to church?!” It was a Sunday morning a few years ago, and my 6-year old was making an impassioned plea, tangled hair flying, outfitted in some worn-out leggings and a mismatched shirt. I felt struck. She was …

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