The Heart of Discipleship

Discipleship.  What’s the image that comes to your mind?  Bible study?  Working through a curriculum in a group?  Serving in the church?  Memorizing Scripture?  Sharing the gospel with non-Christians?  All of the above?  Discipleship certainly includes those activities and others like it.  But the heart of discipleship is a relationship… a call to follow Jesus, to be with him, to know …

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Becoming a Servant of Christ

In the Diaconate, we are investing time to equip ourselves as servants and as leaders in God’s church.  We are currently reading Francis Chan’s Letters to the Church, and this month’s chapter was called “Servants”.  Throughout the chapter, we are reminded of God’s word pertaining to servanthood, like in Matt 20:28 when Jesus tells His disciples “The Son of man …

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