Month: May 2020

Gifts that Keep on Giving!

I just had my birthday this past month and though it is not such a big event as an adult, I remember looking forward to getting gifts as a kid.  Whether it was a new toy or a game or….new socks (!?!).  It was a joy to see them and consider how they would make my life more fun (well, except …

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boy shouting into microphone

Stop Listening and Start Talking!

This title may sound strange and certainly not good advice for having a healthy 2-way conversation with a good friend, but this is great advice for interacting with one specific person in your life – you! The reality is that we spend more time listening to ourselves than anyone else in our lives. Unfortunately, we can often hear ourselves speaking …

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Authentic Living

Well, we’re in roughly Week 10 of this lockdown.  I’d like to share about a few connected strands in my life lately.  One is a simple Facebook post I shared on May 5th.   I don’t tend to think deeply about stuff like that, nor do I agonize for any length of time.  (Sometimes, Shoot, Ready, Aim doesn’t work well, though!).  That morning, I had been …

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National Day of Prayer

Today is designated as the National Day of Prayer. Whatever the political or cultural stripe, we can all agree that these United States are standing in the need of prayer. From skyrocketing debt (national and personal) to disregard for life to vulgar entertainments to hyper-individualism – the list is endless – that which ails us will never be remedied without …

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