Month: April 2020

The Body Of Christ

Hello GRC –   The time is now… Whether needing help or wanting to help, this is for you. Let’s make certain we are aware of what GRC has to offer. You never know just how you will be called to help others.  Here is the opportunity for us all to step forth boldly in unity as the Body of …

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family gathered for video chat

Life Together

Hello GRC – There is no doubt that shared experiences bring people together or simply give people a reason for connection. A lot of that isn’t very deep: three co-workers who love a certain show, and look forward to chatting each other up the next day; the men in our GRC staff enjoying Monday morning banter about games during the football season …

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Bible in hands

Reading the Bible

In February Grace Redeemer Church did our second public reading of the entire Bible.  As with last year, no doubt some people were reading parts of the Bible with which they were unfamiliar, or parts that they had not read in a long time, or parts with which they were familiar, but for which they now gained a fresh understanding …

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Good Grief on Good Friday

This year’s Good Friday will be different; the pandemic demands it. And though our gathering as a body is restricted, I am thankful that three essential facts of our commemoration remain unchanged: Jesus Christ died, was buried and rose according to the Scriptures (1 Cor. 15:1-4). The Friday of Holy Week focuses on that first fact and with it fast …

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Everyone is But a Breath

Hello GRC and friends! In my personal worship – personal time in the Bible and in prayer – the Psalms have never been more rich, more meaningful and relevant, more needed, than now!  Over the years, I’ve sometimes wondered whether David and the other Psalm-writers were too paranoid about enemies and death/destruction.  Or whether their sense that God was distant/absent …

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