Month: January 2020

Why Being Obedient is Good!

If you had asked me a few years ago if I ever saw myself working in a church, I would have chuckled!  After a great 30-year career at NYU I imagined my next move would be related to college coaching or something of the like.  After retiring I took some time off to focus on family and to travel.  My …

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The Connectional Body of Christ

How do you think of your faith in relationship to other Christians?  Truth is, most people don’t much.  Our society conditions us to think of faith as personal and private, our own spirituality.  It’s certainly personally meaningful and spiritual, but private?  That’s not the biblical perspective. God saves us into a relationship with him and into a spiritual family in …

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Assume Best Intentions

“Love is a lovely grace; ‘Love thinks no evil.’  (I Cor. xiii. 5).  It puts the best interpretation upon another’s words.  Love is a well-wisher, and it is rare to speak ill of him we wish well to.  Love is that which cements Christians together; it is the healer of division, and the hinderer of slander.” — Thomas Watson, English …

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