Month: July 2019

Teaching Sunday School is Good for You

Two years ago, Karen Jacobsen put out a call for Sunday School teachers.  I was transitioning off of Youth Ministry and still wanted to work with students but unsure about working with those below middle-school age.  My heart said “yes,” but my brain said “no way.”  God and Karen said to trust and to take a chance.  So I took …

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A Legacy of Faith

When we closed down my mother’s house a few years ago, I was given custody of the family Bibles. Not the family Bible, the one with records of marriages, births, and baptisms. My older sister claimed that as a birthright. I held something more dear: Bibles actually used by family members. Inside the cover of my grandmother’s Bible, she wrote …

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Our World and the Next

Consider with me that our world is not one of mere utility. Our Father did not make a world of sheer functionality but of enjoyment too. More than water we have juice, more than intelligible sound we have the wonders of music and more than breathable air we enjoy pleasing fragrances, both natural and contrived. What does this say about …

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