Month: May 2019

19 05 30 VOG

Building Bridges Through Relationships – and a Cup of Coffee

I am certainly excited to begin sharing the details of my online journey at Westminster Seminary, after completing a Masters degree in Biblical Counseling, over the last three years. Taking a sip out of my new coffee mug, I look to its message and I am so grateful to all for voicing their many congratulations, feeling the many pats on …

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Praying When We Don’t Know How

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely feeling my weakness these days.  I’m engaged in a situation where I have no control and everyone else is making decisions that I have to navigate and walk another person through, even if I don’t fully agree with those decisions.  (Truly none of us have control, but that’s a topic for another …

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Intergenerational Ministry

Did you know that GRC has a young adult ministry called, CrossRoads? Not only do we have one, but the group is thriving spiritually and by God’s grace its members are finding their way into the larger church body through growth groups, Bible studies, church membership, Youth Ministry and the like. As one who leads the group, I can testify that …

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Why We Do What We Do?

Have you ever driven in the left lane, in a line of traffic, just moving with the crowd, not paying attention? You look in the rear view mirror and all of a sudden, there is a car right on your bumper. Just as you see that, the flashing red and blue lights come on.  You look at the speedometer and …

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