Month: October 2018

A Novice Looks at Social Media

A few months ago I blundered into the previously foreign country known as social media. Specifically, I opened a Facebook account. I hadn’t intended to, but I wanted to post a comment on a blog and the only way that I could do that was via a Facebook account. So I followed the simple instructions and voila: I now had …

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Love of Christ

Hello GRC! This past Sunday, in our latest sermon series, Ephesians 2 showed us how the varied bloodlines of humanity – which produced racial, ethnic, religious, national hostilities because of our sinful hearts – can taste unity and peace ONLY through the perfect bloodline of Jesus. This isn’t just something “out there” to tsk at. This is personal because each …

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School Bus

For the first few days of this September, a bus would pull up in front of the Noel home. We have no kids, yet, and Nendir and I are not children (contrary to popular belief, haha).  We figured that the prior tenants must have had a child on the bus roster. Nonetheless, the God of Jacob knows what He’s doing …

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