Month: May 2017

Getting real about life

Hello GRC – Early last week I learned that the dad, Mr. K, who lived across the street from my childhood home, was in hospice after a severe stroke. His son was an older friend who taught me how to throw every kind of ball. Mr. K made for us the legendary go-kart that whooped all the older boys’ go-karts …

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I’m Here: Reflections on the Gifts of Hospitality and Time

While listening to the radio on my way to church last month, I heard a beautiful explanation of a common Jewish custom.  The speaker explained the significance of putting rocks on a loved one’s gravestone. He explained that it’s a way of announcing to a departed loved one, “I’m here and I haven’t forgotten you.” That’s a beautiful custom. Yet, …

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Sabbatical Rest

Hello GRC! Last year, at this time I explained about Pastor Peter’s upcoming sabbatical, and this year is Pastor Josh’s turn. A brief history of the sabbatical policy here at GRC: 2010 – The GRC Diaconate, with the assistance of the Session, formulated a new sabbatical policy for its pastors: a 10-week sabbatical, every 5 years of service. 2015 – …

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